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get ur butt on facebook girl. so much better than myspace.

Comment by Nyny

Hey Black Girl…just wanna say love love love ur site. check it out regularly. So good to see that there are articulate black woman in ATL that strive to be somethin gother than bm’s. Keep it up!!! xoxo

Comment by LadyLa

I love your site! I wanted ask if I could add you to my blog roll. I don’t get that many hits because I just began my blog but maybe you can add me too. My blog is Check it out!

Comment by yours truly

I just read your blog about your father. Very touching and sad! I’m a father of a 28 year daughter. We had a great relationship growing up. Even after she grew up and became a stripper, I tried to keep a sound relationship with her. But we’ve grown apart. She thinks I’ve abandoned her for my “new family.”

I wrote a book about my life and some things that happened between me a her mother (my ex), which drove us further apart.

We’ve recently started writing each other on Myspace. I desperately want our relationship back! Parents need children as much as children need parents! I hope that your father can get his act together. I would love to talk to him about family. Feel free to contact me thru my email. Perhaps I can befriend him and help him see the light? (

Comment by mac

okok i know now i have a very bad habit an its your site im in love with it
i cant get enough of it since im in high school im a senior so i have release 2nd period
so you know im on your site like everyday just to see whe Black Girl has to say so g2g by

Comment by jennifer

hey black gilr i have benn reading you blog for some time now an i have to say im in love with it im kind of blogger myself. but its gone take take some time ot get like you but if you would so please to look at my blog for a few when you do have free time then that would be great oh if you want dont for get to add my blog lol well thats all for now bye.

Comment by jennifer

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