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if I were a boy…
November 8, 2008, 9:46 am
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I’m beginning to wonder if life would be much simpler this way…

-black girl.

Put A Ring On Your Boy!
October 30, 2008, 1:39 pm
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Roaming around Sandra’s blog and found this video from the Tube.  This guy definitely deserves a ring, round of applause or at least an ‘E’ for effort!   (Especially for grabbing his boobie at 1:24.)

-black girl.

rainy days, kindred souls & the crazy writer.

It’s raining like cats and dogs. I’m already on my second cup of coffee and knocking out the mile high list of things to do that never seems to shrink to barely nothing. Quite the contrary it’s always something! Then that list becomes a separate list so I can keep up with the first list and the two others that I had to make in order to categorize everything for all of my lists! LOL I promise this is how my mind thinks on most days and its nerve racking. One of the reasons why I avoid keeping a regular schedule outside of meetings or time out because I don’t want to get robotic and bored. But I need something.

107.9 played Beyonce’s new ‘test’ single if that’s what you wanna call it. Not feeling it. It sounds like a repeat of Ring the Alarm. I sent G. a text “I really think Keri can give Beyonce a run for her money if she stay’s consistent and not ‘too urban”. He agreed but the word that stuck out from my very own comment was consistency. I always have great ideas because I’m a thinker but I think if I were more consistent in my day to day work I could step up my game even higher. Really day-to-day life if you want the whole truth. There’s so much power in consistency and repetition when applied properly and I’m sure I could get a lot done a lot faster with that in mind. I get distracted and interrupted by people, phone calls, visits and sometimes just my wondering pondering mind which means I am just as guilty for distracting my own dag-on self. ‘I need this and I need it yesterday’ emails…what else? Just getting to the nitty gritty and blocking things out is something I have a hard time doing because I want to be so efficient – when in reality I’m just spinning wheels with very little tread. Sometimes multi-tasking isn’t the best route. Which is better: Doing a bunch of things good or doing one or two things exceptionally great? It’s obvious I need to pick, choose and deliver.

I spoke to T. yesterday. He’s another one of my people’s in NY that I talk to on the regular…a mentor of sorts. I love T. because his brain is huge and he has a wealth of knowledge and proven success in his field. When I started my company a year and half ago, he was one of the people that I latched on to for help. I honor and respect friends like these because they are the one’s that push you to be better and want more. Sometimes we get tired of challenging our selves and need that extra accountability. T. goes on to give me the rundown on D and Malinda’s wedding, which I was sour I’d gotten the dates wrong because I thought it was the 28th and not the 23rd (damn lists!). Time really flies because it seems like yesterday they were dating but it was evident from what I did see that the two were kindred souls. It makes me smile because Malinda found something she never thought she’d have again and that always gives the sisters hope. Jersey was where they wedded and you can head over to Essence and read more about it.

So T. and I’s conversation moves on to the biggest and most annoying thorn in my side ever! The dreaded book synopsis! I am currently on my third revision based on the feedback I got from a publisher and some other friends. Synopsis’ and summaries are things I have problems with. I just wanna tell the story, not summarize 130 pages of shyt I poured from my brain in three paragraphs or less. How can you paint the complex without making it too lengthy? It’s possible but ugh.

I love running my projects by people I know and respect because they challenge me and ask questions. They’re not afraid to say, “You’ve got too much going on. You’re losing me!” T was so exhausted from the wedding and festivities that he hadn’t had the opportunity to look it over but we did talk about character development. I’m sure a lot of writers understand me when I say that this critical element is similar to getting to know everything and anything about someone that never existed. I avoid it at times because I feel crazy talking about a person that came out of my head! “But you are crazy. That’s why you’re a good writer,” Elaina told me once. I can accept that (I guess) and am willing to fully commit myself to this without fear. Believe it or not, that’s been the one thing holding me back for all of this time when it concerns my writing projects (and probably a few other things), which is why I try hard to stay consistent with this like I’ve been for the past 5 months or so. Fear of commitment resulting in a lack of consistency leads to a sense of not feeling as though things are getting done as they should. Time for the good ole switcharoo again.

I really hope its not raining like this for my lunch date with Kimora and Nik tomorrow…for sugar melts in the rain.

-black girl.

grind music.
July 26, 2008, 1:49 am
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Not much to say but this is what I’m on today.

-black girl.