Black Girl In The City.

…a lesson in LOVE.


I waited to write on purpose. Partially because I was in a state of shock, but mainly because I wanted to take it all in before digesting and regurgitating soon thereafter. I wanted to take in the radio commentary and early morning news coverage that recapped a night in history I never thought I’d live to see. I wanted to take in the air around me today because it was different. Shoot, waaay different.

We were pretty much chilling around the crib surfing channels when this came to my blackberry:

—– Original Message —–
From: News Alert <>
Sent: Tue Nov 04 23:11:50 2008
Subject: News Alert: Senator Obama Will Win Presidency

Breaking News Alert
The New York Times
Tuesday, November 4, 2008 — 11:08 PM ET

Senator Obama Will Win Presidency

The New York Times projects that Barack Hussein Obama will be
elected the 44th president of the United States, sweeping
away the last racial barrier in American politics with ease.

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That’s when we tuned in and glued eyes to the television in awe. My mouth was open, and I may have fallen asleep the same because I woke up the next morning ready to catch flies, lol. I went on through my day trying to behave as normal as possible, soaking up the reactions of friends, family, the world and everyone else. Kept the television locked on CNN all day while I worked, occasionally fighting giggle bursts when I’d hear things like “Learn what’s next for the first Black President of the United States,” or I’d see images of Michelle Obama’s bangin dress as she held the hands of two little girls that reminded me a lot of my own.

I’ve watched people talk about how our Nation is now on the right path because of our new leader, and I’ve heard folks say that they’re ready to see how President Obama will tackle the issues. I’ve heard a lot of weight being placed on one single man. But I see fit to remind you that this entire movement is larger than one man, you or I as individuals. The real feat behind this historic moment is not that a Black man ran for President and won because the real fruits of our success have yet to be seen…

If Barack Obama does nothing more for this nation and the world I think he has done more than enough. If Michelle Obama does nothing more for the little Black girl with low self esteem , she’s done more than enough. Many of us have never tasted the jump highs of success let alone enjoyed being a part of the winning team. And for the first time in history we can all share in something that has perhaps even broken the spell-like trance of apathy, ignorance and isolation that has plagued Black people for so many years. That in itself is more than enough when I see people feeling good, focused and ready to try new things because they have seen what can be accomplished through focus, strategy and LOVE. What this means to African Americans should be a hell of a lot more than the obvious “Black man in the White House”. There is always a deeper meaning.

We’ve gotten a taste of what it feels like to have the rest of the world follow an unconventional lead and support what’s right vs. what has always been. I’m thinking that little Black boys held their heads a little higher today because for once they weren’t being publicly recognized as the coon, thug or villain. They were able to see themselves as heroes and leaders because someone has shown them through love and a passion for community that there are options and alternatives if they work wisely toward them. A Black couple on the verge of divorce could have very well decided to stick it through because through this election they were reminded of what Black love should look like. How it should move, breathe and feel in the face of adversity and hard work.

At the end of the day it’s not about race, how we’ll dig ourselves out of the money crash, nor is the priority on how we’ll strengthen foreign policy. I have an uncanny feeling that for the Obamas, the decision to put their lives on display and risk everything was grounded in something far greater than simply “tackling the issues.” I think that like myself, their key motivators have a lot to do with a future that can be given to a people by showing them how its done.

…and that’s love.

-black girl.