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boy, please.
November 24, 2008, 1:43 am
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Talk about a Friday afternoon.

My initial plan was to get down to the State Court house to fulfill a much needed promise but I’d left the office without all of the info I needed and pushed the deed off to Monday. Ended up doing lunch with D. to talk about some things, but this blog isn’t about that. It’s about what happened after my lovely lunch that would suffice as living proof of the conversation D. and I’d just had about ‘boys’.

After lunch I stop by the BP gas station on 14th to grab a sugar boost. For some odd reason the card machine wouldn’t accept my new Hello Kitty branded plastic ☺ and I was forced to try somewhere else. That somewhere else being a gas station right up the road and around the corner from my office. So happened to be right around the corner from Shady (name changed), whom until recently had dropped the label for good behavior.

Flash back to last night and a conversation I’d had with this roster mate. Interestingly enough it involved me mentioning to this fool that aside from finding snarly stringy ass wal-mart panties under his bed, he really wasn’t someone I’d consider a friend if we never did anything to nurture a friendship. Even with the panty issue I joked, “If a chick is going to leave panties they should at least be Vicki’s or better!” I never took him seriously and had no problem letting Shady know. Whether he chooses to hang around after that would be up to him.

And at this point in my life I’m pretty frank in what I want and honest with what category I put you in. So during our convo I was straight up with him letting him know that I was only interested in putting my energy into quality and substance, not whatever bullshit being brought to the table by whomever. In other words letting him know that whatever he was servin’ didn’t fly on my street. Telling him that I knew how many unnecessary lies he’s told during the course of our on-off thing wasn’t even my steelo. All he needed to know was where he stood and why I could care less about what he did and with whom based on his actions. The ‘we cool homie’ attitude had to be enough.

I’d discussed this during my lunch with D. also, expressing my disinterest in dating guys younger than I let alone my age in Atlanta because my life is just somewhere else.

“I think about my 401K and how I can expand my territory. I need a man that appreciates big girls that paint their finger nails red and pay attention to Wall-Street. Not these clowns I keep meeting. All most of them think about is P***, weed and alcohol. In that order.”

We laughed it off and even talked about different things I could do to re-position my presence and be available to the right kind of men. I even used the guy as an example along with a few others that I mentioned keeping around “for the sole purpose of having something in my back pocket until something worth my love came along.” But who wants to live like that? Gets old.

Now back to present and me going to the next gas station to see what the hell was up with my card. But it worked, I got my fix and was on my way. Once I get into the car and got ready to pull off, I see Shady. The very person I’d talked up with D. was sitting in his car at the pump with a young lady in the passenger seat. They were joking and laughing, and I was cracking up all the same because of how it got my attention. I noticed them because of thier playfulness and was thinking to myself, “Awe – a cute little couple playing in the car. I remember those days,” lol.

Seeing that I actually knew the cat I naturally walked over and said hello, introduced myself to his youngin’ and said what’s up to him. The look on his face was priceless lol. Spoke for all but 30 seconds like I would any ‘friend’ I’d see out and about…

“Where you headed to?” he asked.

“Oh back to work,” I smiled, “How was last night? (referring to his outing with the boys).”

“Oh, it was a good look,” he said.

“Great, glad it worked out. Nice meeting you miss,” I said before bidding goodbye to them both.

Thought nothing of it and went about my biz. I hadn’t pulled off all but 20 minutes and he was ringng my phone. I didn’t pick up because I wanted to reiterate the fact that he didn’t matter and no worries or stress. Then this idiot decides to provoke me with a text message:

HIM: U real out of order and you kinda need to check that stuff.

(Cue puzzled look on my face) errr? But since he wanted to make himself matter I responded…

ME: Wow really? I’m out of order for speaking to you at a gas station? Is that not what ‘friends’ do? You’re lame for that lol. I could see if she were a dime – then get mad at me for speaking to you. You have a lot of growing up to do.

Keeps gettin’ better!
-black girl.