Black Girl In The City.

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Atlanta, Georgia.

Most commonly referred to as the ‘dirty dirty’. It is known as the city of dreams and opportunity for those of African-American descent…especially women. It can also be known as the land of puffed promises and rubber checks depending on which end of the stick you’re tappin’ on.

Being a pledged member of the majority sorority has its ups and downs. ‘Black Girl in The City’ follows one Black woman on her journey to self as she strives to break free from the majority and live as her own minority. Success as she sees it, love and life, family, her dreams and of course…the deal dilly! All of these things sprinkled with the f**** ups, wins & losses, and sometimes just plain on stupid s*** we all face at one point or another in life.

If you’re easily offended by the raw and uncut truth, put your internet savvy to good use and click the ‘back’ button now. BGITC isn’t for everyone, but if you’re the same kind of ‘Black Girl’ I am it doesn’t matter what city you rep, you’ll still straight dig it.

The thoughts and expressions spit here do not represent Black women collectively, nor do they speak on behalf of women in general. Although the situations and re-counts are real, all names have been changed for the sake of confidentiality and privacy. Got something to say? and keep it funky.

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Accidently I found this website saturday morning, the normal looking for gossip online, As I stumbled through your site I was like Damn this is me, Just want to show you love and I hope you keep posting the real shish you have been. Its odd I never thought someone my own age would be able to inspire me as much as your truth has.

Take care,

Comment by jersey mogul

love the title of your blog!


BG – I LOVE this blog. I have just spent the last 1.5 hours reading old posts. I soo appreciate your honesty. I also love the photos that accompany each post! Your writing inspires me.

Comment by Penni Brown

Loveeeee this blog.It inspires me. actually made me write this.
People are always stuck on their definitions and ideals on how people should be, relationships should work, and situations should be handled and so on & so on. Who are you? In order to find peace and happiness in whatever small society that you live in, do you really have to follow its rules? Who makes them up? Who says which ones are right and which ones to throw away in the trash? Me? You? I have been on my own “rampage” of following my own rules and not really give two shyts. Now this has affected my relationships with my society greatly. According to the Rule Makers (them) the Rule Breaker (me) has changed and doesn’t know who she is. The irony in this is that I’m happy. Genuinely happy. Of course there are the other things in life I wish I could change. But honestly who doesn’t have things they want to change or improve. For the first time after getting rid of the people who made me feel like I couldn’t be the happy, unconventional person that I am, I’m happy. So what matters most your happiness or pleasing others? Duhhhhhhhhh. It’s definitely all about self preservation and I must preserve my state of mind. The best you to be is the happy you. Phuck everything else.

Comment by JustMe

I just happened to run across this blog because I was bored at work and looking for something with some substance to read. I cannot believe how connected I am with these entries. I can relate in every sense. This is officially my new addiction.

p.s. ^^^I totally agree with u JustMe

Comment by dani_b

what up black! I will be in touch with you just as my site launches later in the month!

sounds like we got a lot in common…

Comment by jojo

You better say that s@#t Black Girl!!!! Discoving your blog has been refreshing! I want to incourage you to reach higher hights. Your speaking from the heart!!!

Comment by cherrylocs

I enjoy reading your blogs!

Comment by Robyn

When I listen to you, I hear my own voice. I feel like you are speaking to the part of me where my soul lies. Thank You for being candid, honest, and reflective. It is allowing me to do the same with myself. I think I’ve found a new friend 🙂

Comment by CRYSTAL LEE

I’ve been reading your blog for minute, I am really inspired by your realness. Stay up!! You make me wanna write…I don’t even like writing.LOL

Peace and Love,

Comment by goodgirlgonemad

I too stumbled upon your page, and I must say we seem to arrive at the same realizations too. So I’m feelin’ the blog and I will look forward to learning from myself and not feeling so alone on the journey. Thanks for being there and voicing your feelings so well.

Comment by wisdom goddess born

thanks everyone! the love is overwhelming…seriously

Comment by blackgirlinthecity

I fucking love ur Blog… Keep Doing Ur thing… CAU!!!

Comment by Autumn Jones

You are so dope! We definitely need to see if maybe we can work on something together. We kind of have the same concept. CHEERS!

Comment by Single In Atlanta

Much props to you my sista! Keep on writing! Saw Esthero in the A and got to meet her. Loved it!

Love Love

Comment by Deborah

Hey there Black!
Just wanted to show some love to you and your wonderful blog! I am an aspiring teacher and writer myself and I’m forever thinking of different subjects that I could talk about that relate to US, you know? But I just want to say, I especially love your post on Kiri Davis’s documentary along with your whole blog in general! :0) You speak a wonderful truth that I think many young black women need to hear right about now! I am thankful for wonderful aspiring black women like you and Kiri (and I’m sure there are many others I’ve yet to stumble upon!) thank you and keep up the great work!

Comment by NicoleinLV

I don’t know if it’s my seconf cup of rum and tea, but this site is wickedly great.
Hopefully I remember it in the morning…

Comment by steups

Definitely feeling the site. I love the content, subjects, and uhhh…it’s just the shit. Great work. 😉

– Cameron

Comment by Single in Atlanta: For Men

Where the h*** have I been?? I just found this website by accident as well and I’m so glad I did. Man o Man, I have to pass this around to the homegirls I still allow in my circle (the ones that haven’t screwed what used to be my man). Ha!

No, I’m no bitter anymore, but painful memories seem to stick around longer than the good ones. Can I getta AMEN! lol

This sight is “what’s up” in sister girl language. It’s cool to have a place to come to “get it off’yo chest” and get a little feed back and/or advice.

Keep it up and I’ll catch you sisters later….


Comment by Simplicity

I just came across this site and I’m going to be sure to block this site on my girlfriend’s computer.

…nah im just joking. in all seriousness, dope site with dope concepts. keep up the good work.

Comment by Steve Kells

HEy bAE!!!!

sending luv all the way from the STL!!!! *MUAH*

I’m just stopping by to tell you that this blog is AMAZING and so are YOU! I came across ur page while going through my other favorite site, Concreteloop. What hooked me to ur blog was the piece you did about your friend Mister, and boy, can I definitely relate. When I read that I was like this my girl right hurr, lol. YOur REAL & you talk about that real SHXT!!! Nowadays, that is all US black girls need. But n.e.wayz, keep doing you boo….the truth is in you.

Comment by ...Ana

Love your site. Found it on DC Fab.

Comment by ananda

I love reading your stuff as brief as it was but caught and held my attention as if it had been written for my eyes. I’m speaking of the entry regarding your father and your response to him and his attention or inattention to you and your life as your father. I have two daughters, younger than you but grown and increasingly independent. I love them both intensely but feel as though a gulf is growing progressively wider even though we still share the home they were raised in.
Your voice seemed angry and disappointed and maybe a little resigned in a way that I would never want my girls to reflect on what I am to them or what they feel they are to me. I tell myself that what I can do and control is to keep on loving them and that it will work out in the end. But it’s tough to assume a passive position and place as that kind of thinking suggests. Nevertheless, it is what I’ll do until I can determine a better alternative.

Comment by An Opinionated Brother

Love Love Love reading your blog – so happy to have found such a wonderful blog. Stay blessed be blessed.

Comment by Valencia

i just came across ur website and i’m luvin it i get older i realize that evyone can’t deal on being around ‘real ppl’..i luv ur honesty and willingness to open urself up for others to see..keep doin ur thang..

Comment by memered

Have you heard about the Maafa 21 documentary that has just been released? I was at a screen in the Capital Visitor Center’s theater and it blew me away. It goes into great detail about the who, what and how racist attitudes are being perpetuated today and what the ultimate goal of them are.

Comment by dancin Dave

As an African woman am inspired by you…keep on keeping on!

Comment by Afro Gal

cool blog =-)

Comment by Roni B.

I love your blog! Keep it up.

Comment by naturallysindy

I love this blog as much as any parent might who loves his daughters and seeks to understand them as much as a father can without the benifit of a mother’s support.
Hang in there, lady

Comment by opinionated brotha

Hello Black Girl!!

Just wanted let you know that i am really feeling your blog. I like the music selection and some of the things that you have on your blog

Comment by Omar

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