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Magnum Worthy?
March 21, 2009, 6:25 am
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So this topic has come up on more than one occasion amongst my group of girls. Only this time it happened to pop up while in my hair dresser’s chair with no place to go, lol. We all know how ‘beauty shop chat’ can get so you could only imagine how far south the conversation went after the clock had struck ten, the patron started passing and I’d only gotten halfway home to my long silky mane.

I stayed quiet for the most part, absorbing it got wild. They were wild. Soon the topic of the grand almighty MAGNUM condumundo came up.

“I don’t care what you say, I snatch condoms off regardless of what kind they are,” said the shop owner . She was skinny as hell, like a pound or two heavier than my ten year old. I liked her personality though. Ghetto as hell with butterfly wings for eyelashes. You could tell she was a bout it girl. Explicatives left her lips a mile a minute. She was likely to say anything at any given moment. I continued to listen, cringing as Gina gathered strands of my hair to weave cornrows across my head.

“Well he must be wearing a Magnum when he ain’t supposed to. ” Her brother was walking in the door with more Patron and filthy talk to entertain the crew. He couldn’t even get in the door good before jumping in the conversation.

The argument turned into the fact that there are some cats living in a false reality. Whom, maybe in their dreams, feel that their penis is large and packing…hefty enough to be worthy of Magnum brand protection. Now I don’t know what’s so special about this particular condom but I’m convinced that the gold foil packaging has something to do with it. Anything with gold foil says, “Exclusive. The world is yours.” Especially to the unsuspecting fantasy man who assumes he can fit the bill. Ladies get excited when they see the gold foil come out, and I’m sure men appreciate the gleam of excitement in her eyes before it all goes down. But…I and other women feel that some of you are abusing the Magnum Gold Foil Membership. And you know who you are.


-black girl.

Got your List?
March 20, 2009, 6:36 am
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Hugo & Marie

I’m glad the weather is warming up. Today is the last day of winter. It’s funny, happens like clockwork every year. Spring ushers in new opportunity, and the seeds you spent all winter long planting and prooning over finally begin to sprout and blossom. A couple of new opportunities came in yesterday and I can’t seem to get one project completed before I am offered the next. Taking Bobby’s advice and not biting off more than I can pen has been my main strategy. Doing so has propelled me into an area of life where balance is key. And being a balanced person is harder than it looks! It’s human nature to gravitate to what makes us feel the best, and while there are other elements around requiring just as much attention, our fondness for that favorite thing keeps us walking on a skewed and unequal path. I admit, I’m a riding crusader for having balance in life despite my not so great gift of being incredibly good at it. Simply because it’s easier said than done.

My search for literary help led me to the bookstore not too long ago. There I found a cool little cheat book to help facilitate good balance in life and understanding where you want to go and be. It’s based on the principal of creating revolving Life Lists. Like a master list of things you want to do with your life. If you looked up list maker in the dictionary, my name would be next to it so excuse me if I’m overly excited about a book about lists, lol. The book offers insight into goals you probably have never thought of but could certainly use in a particular area of your life. Here’s an excerpt from ‘Dream It. List It. Do It!’ by Lia Steakley and


Remember your third grade self? The one thing you really had going for you was unrestricted imagination. When people asked (and they often did), “What do you want to be when you grow up?” you had a ready answer. Sometimes more than one. Back then, your response could change daily-and wildly-from veterinarian to talk show host to astronaut. There were no limits to your imagined future or to the many thing you could be and do.

Somewhere along the line, the focus of our dreams down shifts from what’s imaginable to what’s attainable – from what’s fun to what’s practical, from what’s risky to what’s responsible. Ambitions of playing in the NFL are dulled by playing (and losing) intramural college games, the desire to learn how to fly never gets off the ground, and aspirations to become a painter are put on hold for a job that pays. Life goes on, but not necessarily in the direction you had hoped. Or it goes on so predictably that you forget what it was like to imagine the unimaginable for yourself. You forget how to dream….

Forgetting how to dream is a dangerous place to be. Without imagination we can’t be balanced individuals ready to live out our lives as intended. This book will get your dream juices flowing again, or perhaps give that little push you need to keep dreaming in the right direction. With sections ranging from Living in the Moment to Having Faith, there are hundreds of Life List topics to suit you in your current stage in life. If you haven’t created your own personal list then…do it!

-black girl.

the re-intro.
March 15, 2009, 8:00 am
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So, it’s been a minute since I’ve updated but a necessary break I needed to take. Instead of typing a mile long mini-series on where I’ve been and what’s been happening I’ve decided to begin right here. Today and now. I’ll admit I spent a couple of weeks trying to figure out how to jump back into this and a couple more obsessing on what to say once I actually did.

Things have been happening quickly so it’s been quite a task to keep up with myself let alone the blog spot. Narcissistic perfectionism? Probably but I accept that lol. Eventually I picked up on the fact that my personal campaign for over-thinking had gotten me nowhere, literally. So my only logical solution was to get back in here and pick up where I left off, swag turned on of course. 😉

-black girl.