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A Good Thing.
December 20, 2009, 1:43 pm
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Adrian Riemann

Music: Going On // Gnarles Barkley

I needed some time to think and get my shit together. To really decide what I am doing and how it compliments the bigger picture. Even now I’m sitting here at the computer wondering whether or not to push things harder than I have, or to stay on the same course and speed throughout the next year. I’m afraid the latter isn’t in my blood. Something that became painfully evident this year when I made the ultimate decision to go back to school to learn the mechanics behind my craft. I don’t think I’ve ever worked this hard toward something to be honest with you. For the majority of my life ish came easy. I always seemed to get by and attain what I wanted without much effort, like I had a personal Angel making moves on my behalf or something. So you could imagine the tantrums and fits I threw this year for pushing myself to levels I hadn’t danced on before. One of my homies said it best though. “This is a good thing because you’re building resilience, strength, discipline…you think things are hard but they are not. You good.” I concurred without mentioning that I’d been witnessing the cloud of fear dissipating before my eyes for months now. Proof that what he was saying was indeed correct.

As the cloud continued to dwindle to nothing I began to see and better understand the ultimate design and purpose for my life. And the more I see, the harder I rock. I said that 2008 was a year of change and it became so, and I said that 2009 would be our year to build, work and prepare. Those of you that ride strong with me are in some form or fashion building up yourselves. Which means that 2010 will usher in a year of heightened execution for you and I. All that we’ve practiced and perhaps even learned the hard way will come into play. Everything that we’ve worked on and prepared ourselves for will be put on the playing field and against the opposing side. Will you score? Yes, because we have spent time building as we should. I personally did a lot of cleaning out, cleaning up and moving on to make room for an even more victorious year that’s almost here…and that’s definitely a good thing.

-black girl.

Music: Imma Be // Black Eyed Peas
December 20, 2009, 3:10 am
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Music:  Imma Be // Black Eyed Peas

2010 is almost here!   Upgrade.

-black girl.

…there she goes!
December 12, 2009, 10:14 pm
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Kode Logic

Music: Fed Up // DJ Khaled ft. Usher, Jeezy, Rick Ross, Drake.

Wow. Just when you think things are coming to a pause, suddenly you are thrust into the next phase of your game. I don’t think the Universe cares if we’re ready or not. We just kinda have to learn and do as we go along until we get it right for the next phase.   Anyway, I’m excited.   Motivated.   Ready. But more importantly, as you can probably tell, I’m not talking much.    Just re-arranging my life in a big way.   I have a reaaaaallly good feeling about 2010!   Bear with me if you will.

ps. Stay progressive…now is not the time to give up.

-black girl.

Chilly-O unveils The 64oz Club…I Like!
December 2, 2009, 4:10 am
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Music: Run This Town // Jay-Z, Rhianna, Yay

So, what’s there to do on the night before Thanksgiving when your family has taken over the crib and you need to get away for a few? You head over to Slice in Castleberry Hill to check out something new from one of the more consistent clothing designers I’ve seen emerge from the streets of this town. And also because you know that above anything else, a Chilly-O party is gonna be a kick-ass party (Blue Ribbon included!). The event was selectively coined F.A.M.E., which I think was a totally appropriate theme to represent the occasion. These guys work harder than most people realize.

I rarely blog about events or parties but I did want to talk a little about the new designs coming from the Chilly-O crew. If you don’t know who they are, check out the website, and then come back to read about what went down in one of Atlanta’s staple art districts over the Holiday. To be honest, I wasn’t gonna go at first. I had kids buggin’ me, a boo requesting my presence, moms sending me back and forth to the store, and a cousin who couldn’t make up her damn mind on whether or not to bring a ham that she didn’t end up brining anyway, Lol. But in spite of my own issues I had to go out and support those whom I know are progressive and value the power of art and personal expression.

Chilly-O (the person) blended into the crowd as he usually does. I don’t even think a lot of cats realized who he was (I’ve been told he prefers it that way, lol). The one’s that did know him by face mingled their way through a sea of bosses until they got close enough to give some dap, show a little love and offer a personal congrats. I was kinda early so when I walked up one of the first things he said was, “Where are the girls? We need some more girls in here to balance things out.” Little did he know that wish would come later as more folks began pouring in, including Pharell’s artist, Teyanna Taylor, and her femme fatale crew.

Sure that comment may sound like it’s coming from a mind that thrives on symmetry and balance, but Chilly-O and his design team are anything but what you’d except from the everyday typical…with or without the hot girls. Their latest designs are a representation of that mindset. The second installment of their Holiday collection is called The 64oz Club , and they’ve already got everybody in the city asking for validation of membership (and a free t-shirt). But what more would you expect from a group of creative folk who cater to everything A-Typical?

Here are a few photos from the event . Ignore the duplicates, I can’t figure out how to delete them, lol. For more info about the line, visit

-black girl.