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What about that ‘Dirty Money’?
November 11, 2009, 11:17 pm
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Okay, so I’ve seen this video a few times and I have to admit that I like it! I am wondering what you guys are thinking about Diddy’s transition to doing more vocals vs. rapping. I respect him more so for his business saavy over the solo work and was never fully convinced with the rap stuff. Not to mention he looks so delicious doing it which makes it easy for me to disregard that fact.

So what do you think? Should Diddy rap, sing, both..or sit just down? Whether or not you wish the latter probably wouldn’t matter much anyway because its likely that he won’t stop. Uh huh, yea, lol. Oh, and shouts out to Kaleena! Believe it or not I’m still bumpin’ that “Break Yo Neck” demo you gave me back in the day.

-black girl.


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I am still on the fence and agree with you. I admire him for what he’s accomplished on the business side of life. Music is his thing but from the other side of the mic.

Comment by Milana

i’m not a p diddy fan…but i like the group and…there first song…i just saw the new video today and i like it….i might support them..its dope!

Comment by lee

check out interscope pop artist alja jackson she is the shit

Comment by loverboy

~ Diddy DIDDY DIDDY…. I mean come on I’m from Harlem and I love The DIDster. He’s always Dropping hits I cannot complain.. I was a lil skeptic of this whole Dirty money thing, BUT I ahh I should never ever doubt the DIDster, This Song rocks in a dark/Resession kind of way. PLus THE wait for the CD is the best I mean more people should Strategize like The DIDster..

Comment by Harlemtema!

love your blog very informative

Comment by talkingwithtami

I think he should stick to finding good talent. What do you think?

Comment by LaTonya Bynum

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